Message from ISAPS Assit. National Secretary of India

Dear Colleagues

The very first President of the ISAPS, Dr. John Lewis and his Executive Foundation, immediately after the first congress in 1972, had decided that the ISAPS should organize periodic instructional courses worldwide with different levels of teaching, according to the development of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the different countries.

Ever since that nearly a 100 of these courses have been organised in various countries over the years, and they have helped transfer of technology and ethical development of the speciality of Aesthetic Surgery across the Globe.

The forthcoming Course at Kolkata happens to be the fifth in the series of dedicated courses that ISAPS Educational Council is holding in India. Each Course held till now in India, has given a huge impetus to the speciality of Aesthetic Surgery. There seems to be an insatiable hunger to learn and incorporate Aesthetic Surgery in one’s practice, and these courses provide the desired menu to quench that thirst.

This Course is not to be missed by any young Plastic Surgeon at all and must be visited by all the senior ones too to catch up with the latest from the excellent faculty from across the World that has been so selectively collected together. The choicest of ISAPS faculty is coming to our own doorsteps, and it makes much more economical sense to attend their course right here than outside India.

Kolkata, the city of Aesthetic Art and Culture, is best during the winter months at the time of the forthcoming Course, and it shall be a perfect venue for some serious learning. We look forward to welcoming a large number of delegates to attend and benefit from the Course.

A warm welcome to all


Dr Rakesh Kalra
Assist National Secretary for ISAPS INDIA